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Deal flow tracker for VCs

We built a tool to save VC investment committees time. We are sharing it - for free - with anyone who runs an investment process.

Special Situations Group works with VCs and Family Offices to develop operational excellence. Most allocators love doing two things: evaluating prospective investment opportunities and supporting their portfolio companies.

While most of the projects we take on for clients are focused on fund operations and back office management, we also look for ways to make every firm process more efficient.

This tool — just like the investment decision itself — is the foundation for the fund’s quarterly and annual operating cadence. The decision, and the backing behind the decision, build out the schedule of investments, provide data for the quarterly LP update, drive alignment between fund accounting, external fund administrators, the audit team, and ultimately, fill the data room to raise the next fund.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll share these additional tools and how they tie together. In the meantime, we look forward to your feedback and hope this tool saves you time and improves your decision-making process.



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